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The Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle free essay sample

Health is a pattern of individual practices and personal behavioral choices that are related to reduce health risk. Chasing a healthy lifestyle is becoming the hot issue among the citizens nowadays. Why citizens so care about a healthy lifestyle? This is because there are too many benefits of having healthy lifestyle and these benefits are becoming more apparent. First benefit is, it can ensure a good mental health. Mental health depends upon health lifestyle choices. We will experience a good mental health when we are founding a balance in our social, emotional and psychological areas of life. In this case, social contact is playing an important role. When we have a good mental health, we are in a place of peace and it will enhance our life quality. So, it is vital to foster a healthy lifestyle. Also, strength is another benefit. With a healthy lifestyle, we have strength to train to help build the muscle that supports the bones and joints, therefore decreasing the risk of falls and fractures. We will write a custom essay sample on The Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Our bones will begin to lose mass and strength results of ageing. It is essential for us to develop a healthy lifestyle by doing weight-bearing exercise like walking to prevent osteoporosis. Last but not least, no one wants to overweight. Thus, this is the most common reason that people want a healthy lifestyle. Living by having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to lose weight. The healthy lifestyle choices like stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and eating well-balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables will help to maintain a healthy weight. The weight within normal limits can also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and improve overall health and well-being. For people of all ages, weights, and abilities, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are endless. However, the lifestyle is influenced by our own attitude. If we are yearning for a healthy lifestyle, then we must being proactive in our health and thus, creating a healthy lifestyle to guarantee our future life.

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United States the Interloper Essays - War In Darfur,

In the years of past the United States has intervened in many overseas wars and dilemmas. On the warrant that the United States believes their values and ethics are the beliefs of the world. Darfur would be one example where the United States should keep to its own borders. Darfur is being called in a state of genocide by some. In ?Genocide Is Occurring in Darfur? an article by Andrew B Lowenstein, he states ?To be found culpable for genocide, one must commit certain criminal acts, such as killing or causing serious bodily or mental harm; and - this is a key part - these acts must be committed with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group?(p1). Is the United States not doing this in Iraq? Has United States not single out one ethnic religious group and committed mass killings against them? So this begs the question, why is United States not accused of genocide? In the United States if murder is committed, that person is arrested and put on trial for his or her crime. With undeniable proof he or she is sentenced to prison and in some states the death penalty. Then that person can make many appeals towards their case. For a person on death role it takes a lot of years before that person is put to death. Lowenstein interviewed many people from Darfur, he claims a male survivor told him a Janjaweed leader said ?kill all the blacks in this area?(p2). Lowenstein also claims a female told him she heard ?kill? the ?Zaghawa people?(p2). Lowenstein being an international lawyer should know eyewitness accounts are not very reliable. Everyone sees an event a different way or here?s what was said and put in their own words. Lowenstein does not provide any real hard evidence that genocide is being performed in Darfur, just what some people have told him. Lowenstein never entered Darfur borders. Lowenstein states, ?The U.N.?s decision was particularly significant. Unlike other groups, which merely failed to weigh in the question, the United Nations affirmatively declared that the Sudanese government had not committed genocide?(p1). So United States could enter Darfur borders and start a war on the basis of he said or she said, that?s just what it would be, United States starting a war. Darfur has done nothing to United States, has posed no threats or made any accusations to do harm to the United States. In ?The United States Should Not Intervene in Darfur? by Justin Raimondo he adds, to lend a helping hand the United States should grant more visas, leave politics to their own country and hold American morals to its own boundaries (p4). The United States (for whatever reason) feels their ethics and morals should be that of the world, but why should it, is it because United States is the strongest and economical country in the world? So does this give the United States the right to say do it our way or we will kick your ass? That?s the problem with power; over time it becomes a controlling factor that one?s way is the only way. In trying to save Africa, (because that?s what the United States would call it) what effect would it have on the American people? The Iraq war and Desert Storm war have driven the price of oil to skyrocketing prices. Making the American people pay higher prices at the fuel pumps. The five largest imports in 2009 from Africa were mineral oil, oil, cocoa, wood, rubber and electrical machinery ( If United States starts a war in Africa how high will the cost of these products become? How much will the American people have to pay to finance this war? Raimondo states, ?That our intervention will likely as not lead to more starving African babies?(p4). As this is true for when the United States starts a war like in Iraq foods supplies are stopped. Not to mention if the United States were to start a war in Darfur. Darfur would know well in advance that the United States were going to start a war with them by the media coverage and intelligence. If in

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Free Essays on Agatha Christie

were â€Å"A good mystery is never solved† (Dommermuth-Costa 108). Agatha Christie le... Free Essays on Agatha Christie Free Essays on Agatha Christie When I think of mystery novels, I think of just one name-Agatha Christie. In a writing career that spanned more than half a century, Agatha Christie wrote 79 novels and short story collections (Dubose 42). Agatha Miller was born in Torquay, England on September 15, 1980 to a rich, loving family. Her father died when she was a child. Christie was educated home, where her mother encouraged her to write from very early age. She enjoyed writing, and it became a passion for her. She did not have a very active social life, so she spent most of her time writing stories and poems. At sixteen she was sent to school in Paris where she studied singing and piano. Christie was an accomplished pianist but her stage fright and shyness prevented her from pursuing a career in music. When Christie's mother took her to Cairo for a winter, where she started writing her first novel, Mysterious Affairs at Styles. Encouraged by Eden Philpotts, neighbor and friend in Torquay, she devoted herself to writing and had short stories published (Morgan 23). Later, In 1914 Christie married Archibald Christie, an officer in the Flying Royal Corps. Their daughter, Rosalind, was born in 1919. During World War I she worked in a Red Cross Hospital as a hospital dispenser, which gave her a knowledge of poisons. This became a big interest, and most of her books had something to do with death by poison. In 1926, Archie asked for a divorce, having fallen in love with another woman. Agatha, already upset by the recent death of her mother, had disappeared. All of England became wrapped up in the case of the now famous missing writer. For eleven days, Agatha went missing. She was found three weeks later in a small hotel, explaining to police that she had lost her memory. Agatha Christie, â€Å"The Queen of Crime†, died at Wallingford in Oxford shire on Jan. 12, 1976. Her dying words were â€Å"A good mystery is never solved† (Dommermuth-Costa 108). Agatha Christie le...

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3 Types of Unnecessary Hyphenation

3 Types of Unnecessary Hyphenation 3 Types of Unnecessary Hyphenation 3 Types of Unnecessary Hyphenation By Mark Nichol An extraneous instance of hyphenation occurs in each of the following sentences. Discussion after each example explains the error, and revisions illustrate correct treatment. 1. Those organizations that adapt will be able to excel in the long-term. Some pairs of words closely associated because they commonly appear together as phrasal adjectives are often unnecessarily hyphenated when they do not serve that grammatical function. Though long and term frequently serve together as a phrasal adjective, as in â€Å"long-term goals,† in this sentence, they are an adjective and a noun, respectively, and hyphenating them is an error: â€Å"Those organizations that adapt will be able to excel in the long term.† 2. NASA officials recommend viewing the eclipse through specially-made glasses to prevent eye damage. What is perhaps the most common type of error of intrusive hyphenation is as a result of confusion between phrasal adjectives and phrasal adverbs. When two or more words team up to modify a noun, the modifying terms are usually hyphenated to signal their teamwork, as in â€Å"four-legged animals.† (Otherwise, the implication is that the phrase refers to a quartet of animals with legs.) But when the first word is an adverb ending in -ly, that ending sends an obvious signal that the first word modifies not the noun but the accompanying modifying word, as in â€Å"NASA officials recommend viewing the eclipse through specially made glasses to prevent eye damage,† where specially modifies glasses (and, in turn, the two words provide additional information about the glasses.) However, for the sake of clarity, flat adverbs- those lacking the -ly ending- are hyphenated, as in â€Å"high-pitched voice.† 3. After two weeks, it turns out letting strangers in has been the least-troubling part of the experience. . . . There are certainly less-invasive ways to keep packages safe, like lockboxes or shipping to the office. Similarly, do not hyphenate modifying phrases that start with least or less (or most or more): â€Å"After two weeks, it turns out letting strangers in has been the least troubling part of the experience. . . . There are certainly less invasive ways to keep packages safe, like lockboxes or shipping to the office.† However, a phrase beginning with â€Å"less than† or â€Å"more than† is hyphenated when the string of words provides more information about a noun that follows the phrase: â€Å"Less-than-optimal terms can result in future costs that reduce the benefit of a lower purchase price.† But note that stand-alone phrases beginning with less and the like are sometimes mistakenly hyphenated, as in â€Å"Some people were less-than-thrilled to see the giraffe in the indoor pen.†Ã‚  Here, â€Å"less than thrilled† is merely describing a reaction, not modifying a noun, so omit the hyphens: â€Å"Some people were less than thrilled to see the giraffe in the indoor pen.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Punctuation category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:30 Synonyms for â€Å"Meeting†Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous"Wracking" or "Racking" Your Brain?

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Business law - ethics essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business law - ethics - Essay Example The law unifies all businesses. It is in great contrast, that a manufacturing company can produce vehicles and other automobiles that have defective fuel system design knowingly underpinning the ethical responsibility. There should be no risk benefit analysis profiles for companies as they break the law and make profits. Stringent measures should be taken to such companies such as heavy fines. However, the amount of money such unscrupulous companies make outweighs the fines applied (Gavai 28). The profits in this scenario blinded the company to lack ethics. It is in great violation of the â€Å"right to life† which all companies should ensure they are not against. Done away with should be all the risk benefit analyses in relation to the life of humanity. There are different ethical theories that were developed for application. The rights theory can be intertwined with the value clarification theory that stipulates that certain human rights are fundamental and other individuals are obliged to respect them. Everyone should be aware of one another’s feelings, values, and beliefs. It is unwarranted in law for such a company to continue being in business in great violation of this principle. I would consider a shutdown so that the law is followed to the latter and because it is not an ethical practice though lump sum profits. We do what is right and trust God, fate, destiny, or the forces of good to work things out, Justice or legal moralism (Gavai 32). There should always be some level of equity. The company never considered this as a principle and caused majority deaths. Governments must always have express and implied rules and regulations to shun deceptive productions, reckless business attitudes, moral irresponsibility, and unethical conducts. My company would have followed the rules as they are legally contained in the constitution. The company grossly violates utilitarianism, an act that

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Homelessness and the Failure of the Welfare System Essay

Homelessness and the Failure of the Welfare System - Essay Example In his time on the streets, he speaks of Billy Jack, a longtime homeless person who has recently gotten out of jail after five years. For him, being homeless is a matter of pride and a sense of place. He panhandles, he drinks wine, and he waits every morning for the Sally Ann truck to come by with breakfast and clothing. He is settled in his routine. The Parkdale recreation centre in Toronto is a shelter for the homeless, but, according to Stackhouse, public opinion does not consider these people homeless. Some have mental problems; some, such as Jim, have at least a part-time job. Jim works to supplement his disability income and believes that working is a way to be healthier. What constitutes a homeless person Is it simply a matter of not have a mailing address or is it based on income Stackhouse says: When I had set out a week earlier to live homeless, I did not expect to be eating pancakes and sausage for breakfast and pastries before bed, or to earn $20 an hour simply by sitting on the ground with a cardboard sign in front of me (233). On the other side of the coin, Stackhouse goes on to mention his surprise at how much crack passes through the shelters considered representative of public goodwill. He also makes note of the fact that as he moves from one shelter to another, he is apt to see the same people, who are also moving. Some shelters are better than others, for instance in an affluent area of Toronto, Stackhouse talks with an overnight guest, who apologizes for being there and says he knows he shouldn't be. He has a truck, hauls scrap metal to dumps, and makes about $600 to $700 a week. The problems, Stackhouse has discovered, are more psychological than physical and often not related to simply shelter for the homeless. To be homeless, according to Stackhouse, is to be without a stable environment. He quotes one homeless man in this affluent shelter who says: "This is a real traditional neighborhood (comparing it with his transient existence). I bet these people never have to go anywhere" (232). Refutation of Opposing Argument It is said by some that the homeless do not have the resources, opportunities and skills they need to go back to the main society. Jack Layton, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, offers a more academic view of homelessness in his rebuttal of Stackhouse's article. But instead of looking at the specific details of Stackhouse's experience, Layton makes this a personal vendetta, ignoring the underlying implications in the reporter's series. The situations referred to by Layton are that, after one week outdoors, Stackhouse claims, according to Layton, that public resources are used by crack dealers, that beggars earn professional wages and that there is "more free food than the homeless can eat" (Layton, 235). Although Layton implies that he is quoting from the article, the phrase about free food is not even in it, which immediately weakens his argument. Layton does admit that emergency shelters alone are not the answer, but his only reference to the personal aspects of the homeless is their need for more respect. He seems to consider money and

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John Locke Essay Essay Example for Free

John Locke Essay Essay John Locke, a philosopher of the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment, greatly influenced the American revolution and the French revolution. His beliefs were the social contract, natural rights, and the right of revolution. One of John Lockes beliefs was the social contract. A social contract can be either a written or unwritten agreement between a government and its people. Social contracts usually contain a basic set of laws and agreements explaining how the country should be run. Examples of a Social contract are the US constitution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man. John Locke was a huge influence for both of these documents. Locke also believed that every person has natural rights. A natural right is a basic right that every citizen should be born with. Locke said that everyones natural rights were the right to â€Å"life, liberty, and property. † These natural rights have been quoted and used many times in history. Thomas Jefferson was influenced by this while writing the Declaration of Independence, saying that all men are created equal and that they have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Lastly and most importantly, Locke believed in the right of revolution. The right of revolution is the belief that if that a government does not meet the basic needs and wishes of its people, then the people have the right to revolt and overthrow that government. Examples of this are the American and French revolutions. The Americans revolted against England because they failed to grant them the basic rights stated in their social contract, saying no taxation without representation. The French revolted against their government because King Louis caused the countries economy to be almost non existent and most of the country had nothing to eat. Both these revolutions led to the rise of democratic nations. John Locke is one of the most influential people in history. His beliefs has influenced the formation of many countries, including our own. His ideas have be restated and reused throughout history, and still influence people today.